Memories of Monet’s Garden

9 May

Memories of Monet

Flowers have forever been symbolic. Used as messengers of the heart. We give them as gifts to convey love, sorrow or celebration. Flowers have also been the muse of countless artists who have attempted to recreate their beauty on canvas. Each one paying homage to their favorite flora. Highlighting the complexities of physical form that make up the components of each bloom.

You can see this for yourself if you have ever really looked at a flower closely, I mean really held it in your gaze.  Besides the inherent beauty within its color or fragrance you can begin to understand how these artists used flowers to inspire a particular aspect of human emotion, from the air of female sensuality lurking within the callas of  O’Keefe to the bright yellow happiness of Van Gogh’s  sunflowers. And now to the subject of this post: Monet.

Now I am designing a front garden for my friend and next door neighbor. Right now it is a patchwork lawn of dandelions and crabgrass. It lies in full sun and gets a little scorched in the summer, so we’re trying to find solutions that will work that will be both sustainable and pleasing for my friend. I’ve suggested using drought tolerant, meadow like flowers and plants. A new realm for me as I am drawn to the use of lush tropicals in the Summer garden like huge Cannas and Elephant ears. However this garden does not have the benefit of a sprinkler system, so water is a concern.

The garden does have  a bed of the most striking lilies standing nearly four feet tall against the rails of the front porch. They bloom profusely in the heat of mid Summer. intoxicating passersby with its sweet perfume. So some of my flower and color choices will play off that.

As an added surprise I’m going to create an island bed in the middle of the lawn across from another small island where I recently transplanted a Japanese Maple. In this bed I am going to sow seeds from Monet’s garden at Giverny which my friend brought back from her trip to France. My friend took her mother to France last year to celebrate her Mom’s 70th birthday, great gift, huh? This was coupled with a surprise party at a Long Island winery. My own Mother was so impressed that she told me to take notes! So I’m going to sow these seeds in hopes that we can recreate some of that Monet magic. Below is a link to give you an idea of the garden’s impressive color schemes, he was an Impressionist painter. Funny thing, the instructions on all the packets are in French! Ooh la la!   Updates and pics to follow


One Response to “Memories of Monet’s Garden”

  1. Trish May 11, 2013 at 12:44 am #

    Oh,you are such a sweetie pie!

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